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Kid's Spa Birthday Party Timing
The spa birthday party portion takes approximately 2-3 hours (2.5 hours typically). 
IMPORTANT: Please have the girls arrive at least 15 minutes before the spa party portion is set to begin (to allow for late arrivals) and have the girls stay at least 30-60 minutes after the spa party portion to allow for additional activities such as opening gifts, eating cake and/or having meals. We recommend that the total party duration be 3 to 3.5 hours at a minimum.

Adult Spa Party Timing
Bachelorette / Stagette / Bridal Shower parties  usually take 3-4 hours. Please have guests arrive 15 mins earlier. Corporate Wellness events are usually 2-4 hours (sometime full day for large amounts of staff).

Our Typical Mobile Spa Party Start Times: 
Saturdays: 12pm or earlier OR 4:30pm or later*
Sundays: 11am or earlier OR 3:30pm or later*
Monday-Friday: 6/6:30pm/7pm* (daytime available for corporate wellness events)
*If these time slots do not work for you please inquire for alternate availability

Minimum Charges
Please note that we require at least $165 worth of services to be performed per visit for girl spa birthday parties (not including crafts, decor/rentals, goody bags, taxes or travel), or a minimum service charge of $165 applies. We require a minimum overall party value of $200 ($165 must be in services and the remaining $35 can also be in services or in crafts, decor/rentals or goody bags).  All adult (corporate wellness, bachelorette, bridal shower) bookings require at least $200 in services per visit.

Travel Fees
A minimum $25 travel fee applies to all mobile spa party bookings. If the travel fee based on your location exceeds $25 we will notify you upon confirmation of your party booking request, before you pay your deposit. If parking charges apply they will also be added to the amount payable. 

Spa Party Deposit Required
After filling out the online booking form, once we confirm availability you need to pay your spa party deposit here:

full booking form